I can't cook, but I sure can Nuke!

Who Am I?

With a name like The Microwave King™, you’d think I had earned that moniker at some special culinary school or something. Ha, hardly! In fact it is because of my aversion to cooking that I became the king of microwaving. Basically I’m a terrible cook, and I’m lazy too – I just can’t imagine spending more time to prepare something than it takes to eat it. And thankfully the Microwave Oven was invented shortly before I had to go off into the world and start cooking for myself.

Microwaves are fascinating devices, and being a fan of physics (I worked at NASA for a while), I was already drawn to them. How they work is modern day magic, but in essence they’re just good at getting water very excited, and virtually all foods contain some amount of water. And that means my food is ready fast.

Over the years I actually got quite good with the microwave, and learned a few creative things. For example, I can make good scrambled eggs in the ‘wave, which is not as easy as you’d think. And I know how to best arrange food on a plate to have it cook evenly (think ring). Ya, I know, not that impressive, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. My best trick is making a cup of water explode in the microwave. No, it’s not an urban legend, you really can superheat water to the point where it literally explodes. I don’t recommend trying it, because it’s startling and messy, but it sure is a kick to see (and hear).

So my credentials are rather weak – basically I’m just a guy that likes my ‘wave, and knows how to use it. And, not coincidentally, I like foods that I can make in the microwave, such as frozen dinners and canned soups. Over the years I would come across a particular dish that was really, really good (or phenomenally bad), and I’d say to myself, “Self, you should really start a review site and tell people what you think.” Thus the birth of MicrowaveKing.com.

In my “day job” (I work nights, thus the parenthesis), I own an IT services firm. Basically I’m one of those deep techno-weenies that works on large, expensive computers, and I’ve built a company with a team of people around that. It’s now self-sufficient enough that I can start pursuing some other interests I have, such as this website. I also have a wonderful wife and 3 awesome kids. And in case you’re curious, yes, I do make stuff in the microwave for them occasionally. Well, for the kids anyway. 🙂

***BIG NOTE: No, I am not an “affiliate marketer” or in any way affiliated with any of the products reviewed. My full disclosure is this: I will happily review any product given to me to try. Furthermore, anyone can advertise on my site, including companies that make products that I may review. But in both cases, I will still do my best to give an honest review. To date I have not received any form of compensation from anyone.


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