I can't cook, but I sure can Nuke!

Recipe: Submit One!

What kind of braggart calls himself the "King" of microwaving and doesn't even have a recipe to post? A darn lazy one, that's what kind!

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Tip: Caloric Density

Caloric Density (or Calorie Density) is just the simple ratio of Calories to Grams of food. The lower the number, the better - you should shoot for 1.00 or less.

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Tip: Free Glutamates

While I'm no expert, the general consensus is that this stuff ain't great for you, and tends to make you hungry faster than you normally would be.

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Ode to… Stouffer’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce

At one time, Stouffer's Lasagna was my single favorite microwave food. But then, over the years, it started to change.

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Ode to… Le Menu

Le Menu meals were good, darn it! The choices may not seem special now, but at the time they were groundbreaking.

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The Microwave King Launched!

Let me explain something - I can't cook. I burn water. Yup, I'm that bad at it. Welcome to The Microwave King.

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