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Meals to Live White Chicken Fajita $4.19

Meals to Live White Chicken Fajita

  • Taste
  • Nutrition
  • Honesty in Advertising
  • Green Packaging
  • Value

Outstanding taste, nutritious ingredients, and carb conscious. You’d never guess it all started because a friend couldn’t find anything to nuke.

Keep your eyes on Meals to Live – they’re only 3 years old, but they’re onto something. The back story is that the company was founded because a diabetic friend couldn’t find any frozen food that was glucose sensitive, low in sodium, and tasted like something other than cardboard. But what’s amazing is that in those 3 short years they’ve not only filled a market niche, they’ve created food that any of us would want to eat.

I was a bit dubious when I saw the box – it’s covered in all sorts of metrics relating to nutrition. My first th0ught was that it was going to be bland and heavy on the bell peppers. My worry continued when I opened the box and discovered there were no tortillas – how could it be fajitas without tortillas? (This is an honest gripe – they should either tweak the name or include a couple of tortillas, which can always be discarded) I cooked it for the minimum time (3.5 minutes), and there was a pool of water around the meat, getting me even more worried. So I just stirred everything together and zapped it for another 30 seconds.

And that’s when it came alive. I have no idea if I was supposed to stir it like that or not, or cook it uncovered for the last 30 seconds like I did, but I’m sure glad I did. It was absolutely delicious once I had it all mixed together. There was just the right amount of everything – plentiful chicken, black beans in the brown rice, not too many bell peppers, and just enough zing to make it tasty without being too hot. I was literally licking the bowl before I knew it, and wishing I had more (although I also felt like the portion was plenty filling – it packs a lot of “fullness” into 9oz).

Nutrition is also outstanding, possibly the best I’ve seen in 2011. In fact the only “bad” things are a little cholesterol (11%DV) and the last ingredient on the label, yeast extract (a source of Free Glutamates), but it’s probably a very small amount. Everything else about this is wonderful – low calories (240), low fat, some fiber (18%DV), high vitamins, and comfortable sodium (20%DV). And thank you for using brown rice instead of white – it tastes better and it’s better for me.

Besides the name/tortilla issue, my only other gripe is that the film is hard to take off – it comes off in pieces. It might have helped if I had vented it by lifting a corner rather than poking holes with a fork (per their instructions), because then I would have a corner already loosened when it was done. I also think the packaging should make some mention to leave it in the ‘wave for a minute after cooking, and it should also recommend stirring, but that’s just my preference.

My gripes are trivial, and this dish definitely deserves the Microwave King Editor’s Choice designation. I look forward to trying other products by Meals to Live.

P.S. There is a buy one, get one free coupon on their website, which is good because it’s a tad pricey.

Calories per container: 240 (Caloric Density: 0.94)


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