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Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Tikka Malasa $4.69

Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Tikka Malasa

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If you like Indian food, Ethnic Gourmet has a great selection of frozen entrees for you. Their Chicken Tikka Masala is no exception – tasty, healthy, and filling.

It is somewhat humorous that this is part of the “Taste of India” line, for it may actually have originated in Glasgow, Scotland. There are some stories on the web to indicate that Chicken “Tikka” (literally, small pieces) was a dry dish, but someone eating it at a restaurant demanded some sauce for it. So an enterprising cook whipped up tomato soup, yogurt, and spices, and Tikka Masala was born. It is now one of the most popular dishes in the UK, but it is rarely seen in India itself.

Indian food is not for everyone, but if you’ve never tried it, this is a great introduction to it. It is essentially a light curry, well adapted to western tastes due to the tomato base. It is not spicy, although it definitely has some wonderful spices in it. I want to make a particular note about the rice – normally I try to eat as little rice as possible, because white rice is essentially just calories. But this is a genuine brown rice (meaning not just colored brown), with peas and a scattering of cumin seeds, so it’s very healthy and flavorful. Oddly, neither cumin nor coriander are  listed in the ingredients, even though they are clearly in here and are listed in the description. The rest of the ingredients are pretty healthy – there are no oddball ingredients other than “oleopaprika” (in addition to regular paprika) – not sure what that is.

Nutrition is pretty decent. For a “curry,” it is very light in calories – only 260. It has some fat (only 10%DV), cholesterol (15%DV), and sodium (28%DV), but none of those are extreme. And it also has fiber (11%DV) and (due to the tomato sauce) 20% of your daily vitamin C, a rarity in curry.

About the only thing I can bash it for, and it’s trivial, is that the picture is a bit optimistic. There aren’t so many peas in the rice as the picture implies, the chunks of chicken are smaller, and there is no leafy garnish in it. But really, who cares? It’s the taste that matters. Oh, and it’s a tad pricey. Funny how fewer, healthier ingredients are somehow more expensive.

So all in all, this is a tasty and healthy meal, and while it may not be truly Indian, it might look odd to call it “Taste of Britain.” 🙂

Calories per container: 260 (Caloric Density: 0.92)



  1. The food was good but for some reason the picture shows chunks of chicken but sure enough there was no chicken at all in my chicken Tikka Masala. I think they forget to put in but only the sauce was in it. That is misleading picture on the box. Do not show any Chicken if you are not going to put it in the box.

  2. Where’s the chicken! Agree with previous comment…completely misleading. Picture on box showed lots of chicken. One tiny piece in my container and the flavor is quite bland. Definitely would not recommend.

  3. Can’t choose zero. The largest piece of “chicken?” was the the size of a small paperclip. Terrible!

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