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Riviera Original Recipe Minestrone Soup $1 (sale)

Riviera Original Recipe Minestrone Soup

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One of my long time favorites, this is a thick & hearty version of minestrone, and it tastes great. Just don’t look at it…

Not to be confused with their “Restaurant Style” minestrone, this Riviera soup is very thick, with big chunks of pasta and beans. I’ve been eating it for years, and absolutely love it. It’s also a bargain when you can find it on sale. Unfortunately it looks nothing like the picture. In fact, the closest thing it resembles is, well… let’s just say it looks like it didn’t stay down. 😉 But don’t let that stop you – it may look horrific, but it tastes wonderful.

Nutrition is a little bit of a mixed bag. The primary ingredients are all fine, but further down in the list is Corn Syrup and the dreaded Free Glutamates, including MSG. The can I had was 15oz (I think they only make 19oz now), but they called it “about” two servings, which isn’t really right – although it’s hearty, it would make pretty small portions for 2. But the calories are surprisingly low – 150 per serving (255/can). As usual for soups, the sodium is too high (38%DV, 65% for the can), but fiber is really high (28%/45%DV) and fat is reasonable. Note that this is *not* vegetarian – there are egg whites and chicken fat in it.

Preparation is tricky, in a microwave. The primary issue is that the top of the can will have a big “plug,” made up of the pasta and beans, and then the soup will be at the bottom. I recommend opening from the top, turning it upside down over a bowl, making a single hole in the can bottom, then blow hard into the hole – everything will come out in a rush. Sounds strange, but it works. Once it’s in the bowl, you’ll want to break up the plug, because in the microwave there won’t be enough time for it to break apart while cooking. Just use a spoon and have at it, and mix it up as thoroughly as you can. Last, be sure to put a cover on the soup when you cook it – it commonly will explode while cooking. Follow the directions – it should definitely be stirred half way through, and although it doesn’t say it, you should let it sit for a couple of minutes – it really helps the flavor come out. Oh, and a little black pepper goes well with it.

I definitely recommend this soup, even though it takes a little work and looks, literally, like crap. 🙂

← You be the judge – does that look the same to you??

Calories: 150/serving, 255/can (Caloric Density: 0.6 – good!)



  1. I LOVE THIS SOUP…I’m from California and was RAISED on THIS!!! I moved to Hawaii, and I have a HARD TIME finding it now..Used to get it at SAFEWAY…But haven’t seen it there in a LONG time : (

    • I grew up on this too. Birds eye food company discontinued to make this product in 2012. Impossible to buy.

  2. where can I buy Riviera minestrone soup in
    sacramento ca 95841

  3. the absolute best

  4. Does ANYONE still manufacture this product?

  5. This was the best canned soup ever, still searching but also fear it is out of production. I miss Riviera Minestrone:-(

  6. canned food outlet sometimes. still being made if cans have expiration date of 2014. the best soup

  7. why is this incredible Minestroni Soup so hard to find??.. why did stores stop selling it??.. Why is there no distributor for it??.. amazon sells it by case so it must still being made !!. Who is the manufacture??..

    • The last I heard Nalley nee Birds Eye had this soup. I used to buy it by the case directly from Nalley. Had to do it via snail mail as they won’t take credit cards, only checks. It was the real stuff. For newbies to this, it is by far the BEST minestrone soup I havevEVER had! It is as
      also the grossest looking stuff I’ve ever seen. If you don’t like the way it looks, don’t look at it. Close your eyes and taste the best. I’ll post more information re sources for purchase later today. Babs

  8. The only soup better than this was served at croce’s restaurant yin Lodi, California. After the restaurant changed hands and menu, Riviera original recipe soup was the closest thing to that homemade soup (which actually looked as bad as the Riviera brand soup). Served with lots of Parmesan cheese and fresh, hot sour dough or sweet french bread from the local Alexander’s Bakery ….nothing better! Ì keep looking for the original Riviera minestrone; restaurant style is just another vegetable soup.

  9. I love this soup as it is thick and very tasty and have not been able to find this in any of the stores in Auburn,CA.

  10. I cannot find this soup anywhere is Auburn CA… How can I get this?????

  11. Where can I buy this delicious soup? I’ve been trying to find it for two years. Do they make it anymore??? Joan Hoch, hochpb@sbcglobal.net

  12. Comment

  13. I was excited when I saw Riviera’s Original Minestrone Soup a few years back. It is not thick as it once was,nor as tasty,nor as full of ingredients. The flavor was similar, but the original was not the original in my opinion and those of others who knew.If someone brought back the one made in the ’50’s it would fly off the shelves. It was remarkable.It’s sad when even the original isn’t the original.

  14. Only the dollar store ever sold this soup, it is unfortunate that no grocery stores sell thick minestrone soup like this.

  15. I am having trouble finding your soup in the stores and was wondering why. I lived in the San Francisco
    area , for yrs. But now am up in WA state by Langley. Could some one kindly tell me where I may fine/purchase your soup, so I and my family/friends can get back to enjoying your soup. I am willing to order buy by case if need to.
    Hope someone will have a minute in their busy day and help me out.
    Have a nice day
    Lois Hetzer

    • Did they ever get back to you? I would love to buy four or five cases.
      Larry D

    • Have you had any luck please let me know if you do. AT corsmeiertom@gmail.com

  16. I don’t understand why everyone plus myself is all of sudden using a hard time finding this soup.
    Could someone please answer our requests??? It’s not fair to leave all of us in a loop!

  17. I used to get Riviera Minestrone soup at WinCo or Grocery Outlet. I haven’t seen it in the longest time and am CRAVING this soup. It was my favorite sou. Does anyone still get it, and if so where?

    And yes, looks like split pea but is the best tasting canned soup. Thick and rich.

  18. Really the BEST soup! Very hard, nearly impossible to find but WORTH the hunt.

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