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Rice Expressions Organic Thai Jasmine Rice

Rice Expressions Organic Thai Jasmine Rice

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It’s rice. It’s also Thai Jasmine style, organic, and cooks in convenient pouches. And it’s one of the most common foods on the planet – it’s rice.

Not a lot to review here, but that’s a good thing. Jasmine rice is considered a “fragrant” rice, like Basmati rice, which I love. Because of it, you could eat it by itself, but it’s really best with a dish that has a sauce, such as Thai or Indian food.

The packaging is convenient – in each box are 3 bags that contain 2 “servings” each. The bags go straight from the freezer into the microwave, for about 3 minutes. Caution: the bag will be hot, so handle carefully.

Nutritionally rice is loaded with carbs (and a smidgen of protein), but has almost no fat or sodium. Unfortunately there is also almost no fiber, because it’s not whole grain. It’s a basic fuel food, which is why it’s a staple for many parts of the world.

So if you’re looking for a quick and tasty side of rice, you can’t beat Rice Expression’s Organic Thai Jasmine Rice.

Calories: 180/serving, 360/pouch (Caloric Density: 1.27)


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