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Trader Joe’s Green Beans 2.99

Trader Joe’s Green Beans

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So this is new – “fresh” vegetables (that is, not frozen) that are prewashed and can be cooked in the bag. Definitely worth a try!

I can’t tell if Trader Joe’s freezes these green beans at some point during processing, but when I got them they appeared to be fresh green beans that had been washed and sealed in a clear plastic bag. I have to assume they can’t be quite as fresh as normal produce would be, but then again, maybe the bag helps preserve them.

What is also interesting is that you can cook the beans in the bag, like you can with some frozen veggies. Just vent them and nuke away. Personally I don’t like to cook in plastic if I can help it (due to the possibility of leaching), so I just emptied half the bag into a small casserole dish, put in a splash of water, covered it, and nuked for 3 minutes. You can almost always tell when vegetables are done when cooked this way because they will start to steam the inside of the ‘wave. Just let them sit for a minute or two afterwards.

Obviously since they’re raw vegetables, the nutrition is fantastic, so gobble them up. Feel free to season to taste, but I liked them plain. I don’t recommend under cooking though – we accidentally did that with the second half of the package and they were very “squeaky,” like Styrofoam, when chewed. Not pleasant.

The only potential downside of these beans, like any other pre-packaged food, is that they probably came from a long way away. That makes them not so “green” green beans. But the bag doesn’t exactly say where they were produced (in the USAm somewhere), so I could easily be wrong.

So a big thumbs up for this bag o’ beans. Healthy, minimal packaging, nutritious, and delicious. Pretty much a perfect side dish to any meal.

Calories per serving: 25!!! (Caloric Density 0.29 – Wow!)



  1. Poor quality, stringy, several beans turned a greenish-brown when I cooked them. I would definitely not buy them again.

  2. I don’t know what has been done to these beans, but I can’t figure out how to cook them so the texture is like non-microwave fresh beans. Despite strict orders, my hubby who loves to grocery shop keeps buying them. Stovetop or microwave, they are not good.

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