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WeightWatchers Smart Ones Lasagna Bake with Meat Sauce

WeightWatchers Smart Ones Lasagna Bake with Meat Sauce

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Unlike my last post, at least these guys had the common decency to call this a “Lasagna Bake” and not “Lasagna.” Unfortunately, that’s about the only good thing I can say about it.

Well, okay, to be fair there are a couple of other positive things: the cooked product actually does look like the cover, and the calories and fat are relatively low, so at least the WeightWatchers folks are honest. But if you peruse the ingredients list, you can start to tell right away that something isn’t right. What exactly is “Beef Type Flavor”? That’s just plain freaky. And “Partially Hydrogenated” appears more than once, even though the nutrition label says 0g of Trans Fat.

But the real problem is the vast amount of “free glutamate” substances that are in here. MSG is the most well known free glutamate (which does not appear by name, but could be the “flavor enhancer” listed), but there are many, many others. I’m not saying whether that’s good or bad (readers should research on their own), but I can’t fathom why so many different ones are in here. The only conclusion I can draw is that MSG and its kin are well known for making people hungrier, which causes them to get fatter, which in the case of a “diet” product like this means that you’ll be buying the product longer in an attempt to lose weight. So while a single serving may be lower in calories & fat, you won’t feel full as long, which means you’ll be eating more frequently. This is just my opinion, I’m no expert, but I’d sure love to hear some alternative argument about why so many free glutamates are in this entree.

I guess I should also mention the taste. While the pasta and the sauce are okay (not great, not horrible), the “meat” tastes very synthetic. Again, a look at the ingredients says why: the “Cooked Beef Patty Crumbles” contain things like “soy protein concentrate” (???) and the previously mentioned “Beef Type Flavor” (containing at least 2 free glutamates and a trans fat – yummy!).

So I guess the one piece of good news is that since this product doesn’t taste great and contains some questionable ingredients, at least you won’t want to eat very much of it. And when you’re trying to lose weight, eating less always helps. 🙂

Calories per package: 270 (Caloric Density 1.06)


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